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Corset ventre plat en latex

Fajas MariaE

The brand Fajas MariaE, created in 1993 in Medellin Colombia, has a long experience in the study and creation of strong, medium and low compression girdles for the recovery period of a plastic or aesthetic surgery, weight loss regime and to recover your figure after pregnancy. As for the reduction garments, Fajas MariaE has created the best girdles for women and men in the market at a very competitive price and designs that adapt to all your clothes making them more discreet and undetectable.


FajasPao Distributor authorized by Fajas MariaE from 2001.



FajasPao brings for the satisfaction of our beloved clientele who loves variety, comfort and above all excellent quality, a new brand of body shapers and post-surgical girdle for women and men. We are talking about Fájate Diseño de Prada, a Colombian brand born in 2002 in Medellín Colombia thanks to the search of a group of surgeons for the perfect garment to perform all kinds of treatments and surgeries of their patients.

Fájate Diseño de Prada offers us a garment designed with a Powernet fabric that is lighter and more flexible but equally or more resistant to compression than the girdles already known on the market with a more rigid Powernet fabric.

In aesthetic surgeries such as liposuction, liposculpture and abdominoplasty, to name the most common, it is very important to have a compression garment of the highest quality so that the post-surgical process is totally efficient and above all comfortable for you.

FajasPao Distributor authorized by Fájate Diseño de Prada from 2020.


Men’s Girdles

We also have for them the best designs for all types of cosmetic surgery and, or weight loss regime.

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